Dental Insurance; is it worth the cost?


It depends on if you are going to use it regularly, or are you just getting it in case of an emergency? Do you have a dentist that you want to use and is the dentist in the network? In Huntington Beach, there is Allure Family Dental. They accept most PPO and HMO Plans. How does a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) work? You can go to any dentist and the plan will pay; however, you may pay much more than using a dentist in the PPO network. If the PPO plan pays 50% for a crown, that means a dentist in the PPO network agrees to accept the plan paying 50% or $500 of the price of $1,000 for the crown. However, if you go out-of-network, to a dentist that is not in the PPO network they may charge $1,400 for the crown. The PPO plan will only pay 50% of the allowable amount of $1,000 benefit, the same $500 as if you went to a dentist in the PPO network. You will have to pay the $500 co-pay and the additional $400 cost for a total of $900 for the crown going to the out-of-network dentist. Welch Insurance offers PPO plans from $1,500 to $5,000 of annual dental PPO coverage. Click PPO Plans for details.