Group Dental, Vision and/or Chiropractic

We make it easy for you to build benefit programs with dental, vision, chiropractic and/or life benefits. We understand the needs of your employees to have these benefits. We appreciate your position of being able to contribute to the premiums for these benefits.
So we offer both:
Company Sponsored Plans; which indicates that the company can contribute. The company contribution can be to the lowest cost HMO dental plan available, which allows the employees to pay the difference for richer benefits, even PPO plans. This also opens the door for the employees to add vision and chiropractic at their own cost.
Voluntary Plans: which allow the employees to contribute 100% to the plans they wish. There are different advantages when offering Company Sponsored or Voluntary. With Welch Insurance we supply the “Cafeteria Plan” or Section 125 Premium only Plan that allows the employees to pay the premiums before taxes.
Most companies today understand these plans are becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury to the health and well being of their employees. This in turn creates higher productivity and loyalty to the company.

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