Doctors that accept Medicare in Huntington Beach


This is a blog about how to find doctors that accept the different types of Medicare Insurance. These include original Medicare Part A and Part B, Advantage Plans known as Part C, and Medicare Supplement Plans.

Doctors that accept Medicare in Huntington Beach

To begin, not all doctors in Huntington Beach California accept all types of Medicare Insurance. They may not accept any type of Medicare Insurance. You must have Original Medicare, which is Part A and Part B. Therefore, you need Part A and Part B to add any other coverage. There are Medicare Supplement Plans which are also known as Medigap Plans. Also, there are Medicare Advantage Plans which are known as Medicare Part C. But, all doctors don’t take Original Medicare Insurance. Doctors may accept Advantage Plans. Doctors may accept Original Medicare. If a doctor accepts Original Medicare, of course they must accept a Medicare Supplement Plan.

How to find doctors in Huntington Beach California that accept Original Medicare

Original Medicare as it is known, is Medicare Part A and Part B. The government administers Original Medicare. Medicare Part A and Part B do not offer Part D drug coverage. In addition, if you have Original Medicare you should choose to a Medicare Supplement Plan. You may need a Part D stand-alone drug plan if you have a Medigap Plan. Medigap Plans help to pay for what Original Medicare does not pay for. You can check to see if your doctors accept Medicare at Doctors that accept Original Medicare.

  • Participating means: Doctor will accept Medicare and always take assignment (payment for services).
  • Non-Participating means: Doctor will accept Medicare. (they may take assignment on a case-by-case basis). However, they may charge you up to 15% more for services.
  • Opt-Out means: Providers do not accept Medicare. They have signed an agreement to be excluded from the Medicare program. They need to follow Medicare rules, but they can charge whatever they want.

Doctors in Huntington Beach California can accept Part C, known as Advantage Plans

We can help you to find which of your doctors will accept Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans, in contrast to a Medigap Plan, replace the benefits of Original Medicare. Independent insurance companies sell Advantage Plans in addition to Part D. Although Advantage Plans are similar, they do offer different benefits. Advantage Plans must offer benefits at least the same or greater than Original Medicare. This is because there are administered by the company, not Medicare. Nevertheless, they are contracted by CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The companies contracted with CMS are given a star rating each year by CMS. CMS rates 1 star to 5 stars. The 5 star is the highest rating. Medicare Advantage Plans offer different types of plans which are (HMO/HMOPOS, PPO, RPPO, PFFS, MSA, EGWP and SNP).


To summarize, first, you want to use doctors that accept Medicare. Second, you need to make a list of your doctors. Third, research what type of Medicare Insurance Plan you want. Finally, compare your list of doctors to the plans you are thinking about.