Fountain Valley Medicare Agent


What to look for when searching for an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker in or near Fountain Valley, CA.

Fountain Valley Medicare Agent

Welch Insurance is a top rated Medicare Agency in Fountain Valley. Are you looking for information about Medicare Insurance plans in Fountain Valley, California? Do you have questions about the types of plans offered? If you are, I can help. I have been a Medicare agent since 2005 with Welch Insurance. I have helped many people to find the plan that is best for them. It is important to be able to compare plans and benefits to make a good choice.

Medicare Questions to be Answered

  • Is it important that you keep your doctor?
  • What medications are you using that need to be in your plan?
  • Are all Advantage Plans the same?
  • Are all Medicare Supplement Plans the same?
  • Which additional benefits are important to you? Such as dental, vision, Silver Sneakers and others?
  • How much flexibility do you want in choosing a specialist?

Reasons to find a Medicare Insurance Agent in Fountain Valley California

When you live in Fountain Valley or near, you may need a Medicare Insurance broker if:

  • You’re new to Fountain Valley
  • You’re turning 65 years old and going on Medicare.
  • You are on Medicare and have a plan, but would like to compare it to other plans.
  • Are you thinking about retiring and want to check out what Medicare Plans are offered?
  • You are still working but turning 65, and want to compare Medicare to your company’s plan.
  • You’re on Medicare and the doctor just diagnosed you with a chronic condition.

Why use Welch Insurance for your Medicare Insurance Plan?

In Conclusion:

It is always best to get as much information as possible about Medicare. When it comes down to it, you should talk with an experienced independent Medicare Agency that services Fountain Valley. There is no cost. In addition you will be able to ask questions and get answers about many plans, in contrast to just one company’s plans. Furthermore, you will have confidence in the plan you select.