Google 5-Star Medicare Broker in Huntington Beach & Fountain Valley California.


Use Welch Insurance to find the Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement Plans that meets your needs for today and tomorrow.

What makes Welch Insurance a Google 5-star Medicare Broker in Huntington Beach & Fountain Valley California?

  • We work for each one of our clients to find the best results.
  • There is no cost to our services.
  • There is no obligation for our services.
  • Our clients stay with us because we keep them informed and stay in touch.
  • Welch Insurance is available year-round to answer your questions.

The services Welch Insurance offers as a Medicare Insurance Broker?

  • We are appointed, certified, and licensed for the major Medicare Companies in Orange County.
  • We have been helping people since 2005 with their Medicare Insurance Plans.
  • Welch Insurance checks for you doctors, medications, and hospital preference.
  • We keep you up to date on plans, doctors, and network changes.
  • Welch Insurance understands the networks, doctors and hospitals in the area.

What can you expect from Welch Insurance?

  • Consideration of your concerns.
  • Advising you of your option.
  • Giving understanding to Medicare Insurance that you can use.
  • Explaining and answering your questions about Medicare Insurance.

Why consider an additional plan to your Original Medicare Part A and Part B .

  •  Part A hospital only helps pay for hospital you have additional costs.
  •  Part B doctors and outpatient services only help pay for these services, your responsible for 20%.
  • Part D Drug Plan are not included in original Medicare Part A or Part B
  • Some Medicare Insurance Plans may include a Part D drug plan and have additional benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, gym membership and more.


If you are interested in learning about any Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Supplement Plans in your area. Welch Insurance can help you. There is no cost or obligation for our services, and we keep our clients updated on any changes. We have a process that helps you decide which plan fits your needs.  Visit our Medicare Overview Page.