How do Medicare HMO Advantage Plans work?


Use Welch Insurance to find the Medicare Advantage Plan that meets your needs for today and tomorrow.

How do Medicare HMO Advantage Plans work?

For information about Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Part C ,visit Welch Insurance Part C Advantage Plans.

There are layers of information that are needed for your doctors and providers to determine which doctors or providers will accept a Part C HMO Plan.

  • Your primary care doctor and your specialists need to accept the same HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan.
  • Network: your primary care doctor and specialists need to be in the same network for the primary to refer you to the specialists.
  • The primary care doctor and specialists must be in the same IPA (Independent Physicians Association).

Medications are another issue.

  • Most Part C HMO plans include a Part D drug plan.
  • You could spend hundreds of dollars more a year for your prescriptions, depending on the Advantage HMO plan you choose.
  • Advantage HMO plans have different formularies which determine the cost of your medications.
  • Some Advantage HMO plans have a particular tier for some types of medications, such as insulin.

How does Welch Insurance help you find an Advantage HMO plan that fits your needs?

We check the primary care doctor, specialists, medications, and hospitals for you.

  • They must be on the same plan.
  • That must be in the same network.
  • They must be in the same IPA.
  • We will check to see if the primary care doctor is accepting new patients if you are not a current patient.
  • We will make sure your medications are covered by the plan.
  • If you would like to compare plans tap on Medicare Quotes for AZ, CA, and NV.

For updated information about Medicare Advantage Plans, if you are in Huntington Beach or the Fountain Valley area  come to our Medicare Education Event.


If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan and want to compare it to others, or you are new to Medicare and want to explore your options, Welch Insurance can help you. There is no cost or obligation for our services and we keep our clients updated on any changes. We have a process that helps you decide which plan fits your needs.  Visit our Medicare Overview Page.