If you continue working after 65 do you need Medicare in Huntington Beach CA?


Continue working after age 65 years old know the rules of Medicare depending on the size of the company you work for.

If you continue working do you need Medicare in Huntington Beach CA?

The answer could be yes or no. There have been changes to Medicare that make this question more important, if you are turning 65 years old and are planning to continue working. To learn more about Medicare join us at a Medicare Education Event in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley California. For an on-line quote on Medicare Insurance Plans.

With employer plans there are 3 valid waivers for Part B Medicare when you are age 65 or older. They are:

  • Actively working or coverage through working spouse with creditable coverage. Domestic partners do not qualify. Medicare is a Federal program and does not recognize domestic partners as spouses.
  • Group must be 20 or more employees.
  • You must have coverage through the working person. The coverage must be through the working person’s employer. It cannot be from a different source such as an individual policy, or a previous employer.

Cobra and Veterans Administration coverage.

Cobra coverage

  • Cobra is not a waiver for Part B of Medicare.
  • You must enroll in Medicare Part B if not actively working.
  • The election for part B SEP (Special Enrolment Period) is when you stop working.
  • You have 8 months to enroll in Part B after you lose your job-based coverage or stop working: Whichever comes first.
  • Cobra is a waiver for Part D as long as the coverage is creditable coverage.

VA coverage

Medicare with Employer Plans

Groups of 20 or more employees

  • The employer cannot force the employee of the group plan to take Medicare.
  • A Medicare aged employee continuing to work can voluntarily go on Medicare.
  • The employer cannot contribute to or be involved with Medicare or secondary coverage for Medicare.
  • These are very specific rules for MSP (Medicare Secondary Payor) for Medicare working aged employees.

Groups with less than 20 employees

  • These companies are not subjected to the MSP (Medicare Secondary Payor) rules.
  • They can offer incentives to take a Medicare Supplement Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • They can also help offset the Part B cost of the employee.


You cannot waive Part B when working for an employer that has under 20 employees. It is always best to keep updated for changes to Medicare Insurance Plans. Visit our Medicare Overview Page.