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Confused by Medicare?

You are not alone

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How do I enroll in Medicare? When does it start? What does it cost? What are A,B,C,D,F and G???

Let's start off by looking at the basics of how Medicare works;

Part A

Part of the original Medicare, administered by the Government. It pays a portion of hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health and hospice care. There are deductibles and co-pays. There may not be a premium if you or your spouse have paid into Medicare.

Part B

Part of the original Medicare administered by the Government. It has deductibles and covers 80% of Medicare approved outpatient services such as doctors, preventative care and more. Most people do have to pay a premium. The premium is based on your last two years’ income. The standard Part B premium is $144.60 for the year 2020.

If you visit the hospital with only the original Medicare your co-pay is $1,408!

* co-pay represents 2020 fee and is subject to annual rises.

Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan)

Offered by Private Insurance Companies that are contracted with Medicare to provide you with all of your Part A and Part B benefits and may offer additional benefits such as Part D drug plans, Silver Sneakers, dental, vision, and can also reduce the Part B premium.

Part D (Prescription Drug Plan)

Offered by Private Insurance Companies that are contracted with Medicare to provide you with drug coverage. You can have Part D as a stand-alone coverage with Original Medicare Part A and Part B or with a Medicare Supplement Plan. You can also have a Part C Plan through a private insurance company that also includes Part D coverage. If you do not sign up for Part D when you are eligible, you may have to pay a penalty. There are only certain times of the year you can sign up for Part D.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Offered by private insurance companies that are contracted with Medicare to help pay for what Part A and Part B do not cover. Medicare Supplement Plans do not provide Part D drug coverage.

Why should you use a Licensed Representative?

There is NO COST for using a representative. And, they present you with many advantages that include; reviewing different companies’ plans that meet your needs, checking that your doctors and medications are in-network, and reviewing your options each year to name a few.

A represntative can also provide you with answers to important topics such as;

  1. One of the most important things about Medicare Supplements?

    Knowing this can save you a lot of time and money.

  2. Medicare Advantage Plans, HMO, PPO?

    There are major differences, and you should know what they are.

  3. Medicare Rx Plans... all the same?

    No. Again, there are major differences.

  4. Still working? Just retired? Should I use my employer’s plan?

    Maybe, maybe not. I’ll help you make the right choice.

Here at Welch Insurance we have been helping people navigate the Medicare system for over 15 years. Each year our agents are required to spend at least 100 hours training and testing for Medicare plans with many Medicare insurance companies. Welch Insurance provides no-cost advice on all the plans available in your area and helps you choose the best policy, based on your individual requirements.

Over the years we have helped many people understand Medicare. Some of the most common questions we are asked include; Are my doctors in network? Will the Medicare insurance plan have my medications? Is my preferred hospital in my network?

People often don't think about what additional benefits they require; Dental, Vision, Hearing Aids, Acupuncture, Chiropractic or Silver Sneakers.

If you have been wondering about the answer to any of these questions or have some of your own, then allow Welch Insurance to help guide you through the Medicare system.

If you would like to compare quotes from various companies for Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Plans click here!

Please select a date and time from the calendar below for a NO Obligation telephone call to explain Medicare.

This teleconference will help you make an informed choice from all your options, not just one plan or company. Know all the facts. Make the best choice for you. Not affiliated with or endorsed by Medicare or any other government agency Medicare has neither reviewed or endorsed this information.

Roy Welch, License 0E81972, will help you choose your best option. Roy is a licensed insurance representative focusing on Medicare. He provides personal service year round. Be informed! Make the best choice!