Dental Insurance is important to everyone

Why is it important to practice good dental hygiene? Good oral/dental health is the best way to protect your overall health. Dental problems such as cavities or gum disease can cause much worse health issues starting with gingivitis that is linked to stroke, asthma, coronary artery disease and more. Poor dental hygiene can also lead to loose teeth, bad breath with accompanying physical pain along with financial cost.

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$1500, $3000 or $5000

*Waiting period for major services may be waived with proof of prior coverage provided by the Member. Proof of prior coverage will only be accepted from the prior carrier within 30 days of effective date on NCD and showing 12 months of continuous fully insured coverage with no lapse. DHMO, discount, or scheduled plan coverage will not be accepted.
** Underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Administered by Merchants Benefit Administration. **$2,000 Plan buy up option for total $5,000 Plan benefit, self-funded by administrator.

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  • There is no cost to using a broker.
  • A broker can compare many companies and plans and explain the differences to you. A company agent only knows their plans and can only offer their plans.
  • A broker continues as an advisor to you. 
  • If you have questions or issues, your broker is an additional asset that you can rely on and understands the plan you are on.
  • Deductible: a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim
  • Coinsurance: a type of insurance in which the insured pays a share of the payment made against a claim.
  • Annual maximum: Sometimes referred to as a plan maximum, or maximum amount – a dental annual maximum is a total your dental plan will pay toward your care during any one plan year.
  • Waiting period: A waiting period is the amount of time an insured must wait before some or all of their coverage comes into effect. 
  • PREVENTIVE CARE Routine Exam Bitewing X-rays Cleaning
  • BASIC CARE Full Mouth/Panoramic X-rays (1 in 3 years) Sealants (ages 6 through 16) Restorative Amalgams Simple Extractions
  • MAJOR CARE Onlays, Oral Surgery, Implants, Crowns, Crown Repair, Endodontics (nonsurgical), Periodontics (nonsurgical), Periodontics (surgical), Denture Repair, Dentures Bridge, Complex Extractions, Anesthesia


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