Life Insurance

The advantage of speaking with an experienced life insurance agent versus getting a quote on-line.

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An reputable agent takes into consideration your needs, your medical condition, sports, hobbies and other circumstances that could affect your policy. Life insurance companies consider criteria differently, such as driving record.  Getting an on-line quote gives you the lowest premium based on general questions. If you are serious about looking into life insurance, it would be wise to explain your needs and situations to a seasoned life insurance agent. Our team shops over 60 life insurance companies based on your needs and qualifications.

Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important insurance policies an individual can obtain, especially if you have anyone depending on you financially. Whether you choose a term life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy, this coverage ensures your loved ones are able to grieve in peace without having any financial burdens to worry about. Just like any other policy, it is important that you seek a customizable life insurance policy that reflects your unique insurable needs.

Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance: These policies are typically less expensive than whole life insurance policies because they offer temporary coverage for a select period of time. A term life insurance policy is perfect for someone who has short term financial goals to tend to, such as seeing their children graduate from a university. These policies do not accrue cash value or act as an investment tool.

Whole Life Insurance: These policies are a little more expensive than term life insurance policies because they offer lifelong coverage. A whole life insurance policy accrues cash value over the years, providing you with both a death benefit and cash savings advantages.