When is the best time to buy an annuity?

You need to understand your goals for the money you wish to invest and the different risk factors of your portfolio. If you're in your 30's to 50's you are in your financial growth period. Annuities are known for protection of your money and retirement.

An Annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. Insurance companies do not have the same protection or requirements that a banks do. This means you want a financially strong insurance company with an A rating or better. You want to understand what the annuity is and how it is supposed to perform for you. There are five basic annuities. 1) Fixed annuities. 2) Variable annuities. 3) Fixed indexed annuities. 4) Immediate annuities. 5) Differed annuities. 

They may also have riders such as Long-Term-Care.


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There are the five basic types of Annuities. Depending on your age, the amount of money you want to invest and your goals will help to determine what type of Annuity will meet your needs.

Saving for retirement

Deferred annuities can help you save more for retirement and defer taxes. They are available in both fixed and variable2 varieties.

Approaching retirement

Deferred income Annuities can aid you in preparing for retirement. They create a future stream of income while helping protect savings from market fluctuations.

Living in retirement

Immediate income Annuities can offer peace of mind with a source of guaranteed income that will last as long as you want, or as long as you live.

With many Annuities you can withdraw 10% of the total with no penalty. Most will have a percentage penalty reducing over a period of time. 

In some annuities the fees are incorporated in the annuity. There would be additional fees if you add riders such as long-term-care or living or death benefit.


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