Medicare Advantage Plans are they worth your consideration?


Are all Medicare Advantage Plans the same? No, they are not. If you are turning 65, it is a good idea to compare what is available to you in your area. During Open Enrollment you also have an opportunity to compare plans. Advantage Plans combine Part A and Part B and may include Part D. There are Special Needs Plans in some areas for chronic diseases.

The premiums can be as low as $0. Advantage Plans have different networks for providers. Check if your providers are in the network you are considering. Many offer additional benefits such as Silver Sneakers, over-the counter items, tele-doctors available 24/7, some may help pay for Part B, hearing, vision and more. Check your medications in any Advantage Plan you are considering making sure your medication will be covered.

Do you want an HMO or PPO Advantage Plan if available in your area? What is important to you makes the difference in which plan you should have. Friends or family may tell you they have the “best” plan. It may be “best” for them but may not be for you. Speak with a reputable Medicare Agent that is certified, licensed and appointed by multiple companies that offer Advantage Plans. There is no best plan that fits everyone’s needs. But there may be a plan that works for you and meets your needs.