Medicare Broker in Huntington Beach


What to look for when searching for an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker in or near Huntington Beach, CA.

Medicare Broker In Huntington Beach

Do you live in or near Huntington Beach, California? Are you searching for a Medicare Insurance broker in Huntington Beach, but not sure where to look? Then you should consider Welch Insurance in Huntington Beach. We have over 15 years’ experience. There is no cost for our services. We have helped many people select a Medicare Insurance plan to meet their needs. We also stay in touch with our clients year round. This keeps them informed of updates, for example plan changes and network changes. I am licensed, appointed and certified by all the major insurance companies.

Reasons to find a Medicare Insurance Broker in Huntington Beach

If you live in or near Huntington Beach you may need a Medicare Insurance broker if:

  • You have just moved into Orange County and are on a Medicare Insurance Plan.
  • You are aging into Medicare.
  • You are retiring and going on Medicare.
  • You have Medicare, and have a chronic illness
  • You are on a Medicare Supplement Plan and would like to compare premiums
  • You are on a Medicare Advantage Plan, Part C, and would like to compare benefits
  • You want to have confidence in the plan you select.

Why use a broker for your Medicare Insurance Plan?

There are many reasons to use a Medicare Insurance broker in Huntington Beach. An independent broker, for instances, Welch Insurance of Huntington Beach, is appointed and certified for major Medicare Insurance companies. As a result Welch Insurance has access to over 60 Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans. Also we offer stand-alone Part D drug plans. For example when you talk with a captive agent that only works for one company, they only know that company’s plans. A captive agent consequently can only sell you the plans their company represents. Welch Insurance, as a Medicare Agent in Huntington Beach, can show and compare many plans for you to choose from. Here are other reason to use a Medicare Insurance broker:

  • The broker can find Medicare Advantage Plans that your doctors accept.
  • The agent can make sure your drugs are covered in the plan you choose.
  • They can find the benefits, for example, dental, vision and more that you would like.
  • Finally, a good broker will stay in touch and be available as plans, doctors, medications, and other situations arise.


In conclusion, for the best professional help in selecting or comparing Medicare Insurance Plans you should use a broker with experience. There is no cost. Moreover you will be able to ask questions and get answers about many plans, in contrast to just one company’s plans. Furthermore, you will have confidence in the plan you select.

Searching for an Independent Medicare Broker in or Near Huntington Beach, CA