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Medicare online quotes for Huntington Beach

If you live near Huntington Beach California you can get online quotes for Medicare Insurance Plans, such as  Medicare Part C Advantage Plan,  Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap), or Part D Drug Plans.

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Reason to compare Medicare Insurance Plans

  • Are you turning 65 years old?
  • Are you still working and over 65 and now thinking of retirement?
  • Would you like to just compare your Medicare Insurance Plan to others that are available to you?
  • Are you just curious about what Medicare Insurance Plans offer?
  • Would you like to compare your company group insurance plan to Medicare Insurance Plans that you may qualify for?
  • Have you have recently moved?

How many Medicare Insurance Plans are there in Huntington Beach California?

There are over 35 Medicare Advantage Plans in Orange County California to select from. Also in Orange County there are over 15 Medicare Supplement Plans. Additionally there are more than 12 Part D stand-alone prescription drug plans to compare on our website.

What are Medicare Advantage Part C Plans?

Like any other insurance policy basic Medicare Parts A and B have deductibles and co-pays. Parts A and B also have coverage limits. Once the limits of the policy have been reached, you will be liable for any additional costs you may incur for your care. Please refer to our Medicare Part A 2022 Premium and Benefits table and our Medicare Part B 2022 Premium and Benefits table for a full breakdown of the costs. The reason people choose to apply for an Advantage Plan is the potential cost savings of medical care. Part C, which is commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage Plans, have a cap or maximum on your medical expenses per year. Once you reached that level there are no further costs incurred, no matter how much care you receive.

Other people choose Advantage Plans for the additional benefits they provide. Benefits are dependent on the plan, but commonly include things like Dental and Vision coverage. A popular benefit is the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program which provides free access to gyms, fitness centers, and exercise classes.

How do Medicare Supplement Plans Help you cover the cost of Medicare Part A and Part B?

A Medicare Supplement Plan acts as a Secondary Insurance policy to your Medicare Parts A & B policy. Once the financial benefits of Part A & B have been met, the Supplement Plan will then take effect and cover some of the costs you incur. The amount of financial benefit the plan provides will depend on the plan’s coverage level. The supplement plan is an addition to your Medicare. You must go to a doctor or facility that accepts Medicare to be able to use it.


There are many reasons to compare Medicare Insurance Plans if you are currently on a plan or looking to go on Medicare. You can use Welch Insurance Medicare Online Quotes to compare. It is always best practice to speak to an experienced independent broker, such as Welch Insurance. You want to make the best choice for you at present and have confidence that if plans or your health changes, you have a broker to call. For more information visit Welch Insurance Medicare Plans.

You can click here for Medicare Online Quote.