Medicare Monthly Premiums for Part B for 2021

The premium for Part B is $148.50 and could be adjusted up due to income. If you do not sign up for Part B when you’re first eligible, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

Medicare part B Medical Expenses

ANNUAL DEDUCTIBLEIncurred Expenses offer the
required Medicare deductible
$203 annual Deductible
services for inpatient and outpatient medical/surgical services, physical/speech therapy;
and diagnostic test

80% of approved amount20% of approved amount
EXCESS DOCTOR CHARGES 0% Above approved amountAll costs
CLINICAL LABORATORY SERICESGenerally 100% of approved amount All costs
HOME HEALTHCARE100% of approved amount, 80% of approved amount for durable medical equipmentNothing for services; 20% of approved amount for durable medical equipment
OUTPATIENT HOSPITAL TREATMENTMedicare payment to hospital, based on outpatient procedure payment ratesCoinsurance based on outpatient payment rates
BLOOD80% of approved amount after first 3 pints of bloodFirst 3 pints plus 20% of approved amount for additional pints

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