Medigap High Deductible G, how does it work?


Seniors thinking of getting a Medicare Supplement Plan may want to consider a High Deductible Plan G. Medigap policies are standardizedplansprivateinsurance companies offer. All policies offer the same basic benefits, and some may offer additional benefits. Typically, the confusion with High Deductible G plans is many people think you must meet the deductible which is $2,370 for 2021 before the plan covers your copays and deductible. The way it does work is Part A and Part B will pay Medicare-covered expenses and you pay your co-pay and deductibles associated with Part A and Part B until you pay a total of $2,370. For example, when you see your doctor that accepts Medicare your Medicare Part B will pay 80% and you will be responsible for the remaining 20%. The 20% you pay will be applied towards the High Deductible G plan’s annual deductible of $2,370. Once you have met the $2,370 deductible by paying your co-pays and deductibles for Medicare it gives the same benefits as Medicare Plan G. Depending on your state and county, the difference in monthly premiums between Plan G could be $150 and High Deductible Plan G could be $39 which is significant. The High Deductible G is not for everyone, however, it does give you the freedom to use any Medicare provider or facility in the USA at a low premium and you pay your deductible as you use the plan. For more information about the costs in your area click HERE.