Resources for Covid-19 in California


As many of us are concerned about catching Covid-19 and concerned about the vaccine, some resources can give you up-to-date information. Let’s start with 4 Phased approach to vaccine distribution, you will find interesting information on this web site. There is also COVID19.CA.GOVthat gives you a great deal of information such as  Coronavirus symptoms, what increases your risk of infection, who is more likely to get very sick, extra precautions for high-risk groups, stay safe by preparing questions and answers. You can also sign up for notification on your phone if you are exposed at COVID19.CA.GOV. In Orange County, Hoag Hospital has additional information about COVID-19 including how they have been selected as a trial site for the vaccine. There are resources for Coping with Stress and help understanding things that can help to deal with the stress. If you need financial help with unemployment insurance, eviction protection, and much more visit Get Financial Help from the state of California. We hope these resources help you find the information you are looking for and need during this time of uncertainty.