What is the California Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule?


If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap Plan) in California you can use the California Birthday Rule once a year. This rule allows you to change your Medigap plan to a similar or lesser Plan without medical screening and waiting period. This is unique to California. Remember you need to keep your Part D prescription drug plan in place as Medigap plans do not offer drug coverage. You can change plans during your “open enrollment” each year 30 days after your birthday. Some carriers in 2020 allow up to 60 days after your birthday. Anthem is one of the carriers that offers 60 days. You may have a Medigap Plan F that covers all your costs for Medicare approved Part A and Part B. This is the riches plan with typically the highest premiums. There is a new Medigap Plan G. The new Plan G covers everything that Plan F covers except for the annual deductible in Part B of $198 during 2020. Plan G vs Plan F premium for a 72-year-old male could save as much as $55 per month in some areas. To compare your Plan G in your area, click on Compare Medigap Plans.

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