What to know about Medicare Part D drug plans.


Medicare Part D is provided by private insurance companies. To be eligible you most be entitled to Medicare Part A and/or enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Part D covers prescription drugs, biologics, insulin and certain vaccines. For 2020 Part D standard requires the beneficiary to pay a deductible of $435 then 25% of prescription drugs up to $4,020. However, many Part D plans reduce these costs. Visit (Medicare Insurance Plans) to compare Part D plans. Part D is offered two ways. You can have a stand-alone Part D or receive it through a Part C Advantage Plan. There is a penalty for Part D if there has been a period of at least 63 days following your initial enrollment period for Part D and you did not have creditable coverage.  Part D drug plans use a formulary, which is a list of drugs that are covered by that plan. Most Part D plans group drugs by cost into tiers. Part D plans commonly use management tools such as step therapy, prior authorization and substitution. Not all Part D plans have the same premium, formulary or tier structure. Because of this it can cause the cost for your medication to range greatly. It would be to your advantage to use an independent broker that can do the research for you. For more information about Medicare Insurance Plans click: (Medicare Information)

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