What to know if you are approaching Medicare.


Welch Insurance can help you find the Medicare Insurance Plan that fits your needs.

What to know if you are approaching Medicare. You have different options depending on where you live.

  • If you live in Orange County, California you have over 100 Medigap options, over 40 Medicare Advantage options, and over 25 Perceptions drug plans.
  • If you live in Nevada City, California you have much fewer Medigap Plans, under 10 Medicare Advantage Plans, and fewer Prescription drug plans. So, where you live makes a difference in your options.
  • To see options in California for 2023 you can tap on Medicare insurance Plans

Learn to explore and compare your options. You have different ways to gather information which will have a large impact on the plan you select.

  • You will receive many phone calls from agents trying to sell you a Medicare Insurance Plan.
  • You will receive a lot of mail in the form of postcards and letters trying to have you go to Medicare Sales Meetings. Sales Meetings are designed to sell you ONLY the Medicare Plans that are offered at that meeting.
  • Discussing with family and friends. They will offer their opinions. Remember not one size fits all. They may know of a good plan, but you may be missing out on a plan that better fits your needs.
  • You will probably go online to get information; this can be a good foundation for learning about your Medicare Insurance Options.
  • The TV ads are “Lead Magnets” that are sold to agents. The TV ads will tell you about great options that may not be available in your location.
  • If you call one insurance company you will only get information about the Medicare Insurance Plans they offer.
  • You can call or visit www.welchinsurance.net for Medicare Insurance Plan information with no obligation or sales pitch.

Things you should think about before choosing your plan.

  • What is my budget for my Medicare Insurance Plan?
  • Is it important to keep all my doctors?
  • How much flexibility do I want in choosing a specialist?
  • Will my medications be covered?
  • Are additional benefits such as dental, vision, and other benefits important to me?
  • Do I plan on moving in the future?
  • Do I have a chronic condition?
  • If I need hospitalization, do I care which hospital I go to?
  • Can I change plans, and if I can, when?


Take time to review your options and not be talked into a plan due to benefits you may not even use. Do your homework and list the questions you want to have answered before talking to a Broker.

 It is always best to keep updated for changes to Medicare Insurance Plans. Visit our Medicare Overview Page. Get Online quotes for 2023 at Medicare insurance Plans. Or set a no-obligation phone appointment.

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