Who Needs Final Expense Insurance?


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Who Needs Final Expense Insurance?

Final Expense Insurance maybe called burial or funeral insurance. The typical cost of a funeral in Huntington Beach California is $6,889 tap for a breakdown. This insurance can help to pay for the outstanding debt of the deceased. This type of insurance has three categories, they are:

  • Simplified: This is the lowest premium; however, the death benefit typically will be paid from the first day of the paid premium.
  • Graded: This normally has a time of two years before the death benefit is paid.
  • Guaranteed issue: This is the highest premium and may also have a period before the death benefit will be paid.

Who Needs Final Expense Insurance?

  • Seniors and Retirees: For seniors and retirees, ensuring that their final expenses are covered will provide peace of mind. With fixed incomes and often limited resources, final expense insurance can help alleviate the worry of leaving behind financial obligations for their loved ones.
  • Individuals with Limited Savings: People with limited savings will find it challenging to set aside funds specifically for their final expenses. In such cases, final expense insurance can serve as a practical solution to ensure that their funeral and burial costs are taken care of.
  • Worried about burdening family Members: Many individuals are worried about burdening their family members with the costs of a funeral and possible debts. Families want to remember your life, not worrying about arranging the funeral and paying bills.
  • Individuals without life insurance: Many individuals do not have traditional life insurance. They do not have the time or income to save up for a funeral.

For more information visit California Department of Aging or Welch Insurance Insurance.


Having a final expense insurance policy relieves family members and others from the cost of burial and possible debts. It is important to consider your budget and the type of coverage you may qualify for. We can help at Welch Insurance.