Why should you use a Health Insurance Broker?


Whether you are an individual or have a family that needs Health Insurance, are a senior looking at Medicare Insurance plans or are a business owner looking at Group Health Insurance, a good broker, that charges nothing, can be invaluable.

Health Insurance Expertise

There are many aspects to health insurance today, not only the premiums but also deductibles, max-out-of-pocket, co-pays and co-insurance. Choosing which plan(s) represent the best value to you can be a confusing task. You may find yourself asking questions like;

  • What is meant by deductible waived?
  • What are Hospital Tiers and Drug Tiers?
  • What’s the difference between HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO (Provider Provider Organization) and EPO (Exclusive Provider Organizations)?
  • Which doctors, hospitals and urgent care take which plans and which insurance companies?
  • Are there plans that offer tele-doctors or tele-nurses?
  • Are there preferred pharmacies that will cost you less when filling a prescription?
  • Which plans offer additional benefits such as dental, vision, discount tickets to events, gym memberships and more?

These are the sorts of questions a broker will be able to answer for you, taking the guess work out of choosing your coverage!

Whole market advice

When you speak to an insurance company, they can only tell you about their health insurance plans. When you talk with a broker you have many more options to look at and you can explain to the broker what benefits are important to you; which doctors you prefer, if you have a preference for a local hospital, if you need specialized care for a chronic condition.

A broker will be able to analyze your situation and search all available insurance companies to find the best coverage for you. Best of all the advice is FREE, Health Insurance Brokers are paid by the companies they represent, which is built into the premium whether you go direct to a company or through a broker.

Do you need advice?

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