Working Past 65 – Company Insurance vs. Medicare


Welch Insurance understands Medicare and how to help you select additional coverage.

When you are approaching 65 years old and working, you may be faced with the decision to continue working and keep the company insurance or continue working and take Medicare. Welch Insurance can help you compare your company insurance to Medicare insurance, call 714-377-3767 or Tap to Set Phone Conversation.

Factors to Consider When Working Past 65:

When contemplating the decision to work past 65 and comparing company insurance to Medicare, several key factors should be considered:

Size of the company you work for:

If the company, you work for has 19 or fewer employees you must sign up for Medicare. If the company has 20 or more employees, you have the option to remain on the company insurance. For more information tap Do I need to sign up for Medicare when I turn 65?

If you have dependents on your company insurance:

If you have dependents on your company insurance and they cannot apply for Medicare, you need to consider their insurance options if they are going to be taken off the company’s insurance.

Cost, Coverage and Benefits:

Evaluate the extent of coverage and benefits offered by your company’s insurance plan, including deductibles, copayments, and prescription drug coverage, this will be in your insurance Summary of Benefits. Compare this to the coverage provided by Medicare Part A, Part B possibly Part C, or a Medigap Plan with stand-alone Part D to ensure your healthcare needs are adequately met. Also, compare the premium cost of company insurance vs Medicare and the options you have with Part C or a Medigap Plan with a stand-alone Part D.

Flexibility and Network:

Health Condition and Needs: Consider your current health condition and any ongoing medical needs. Evaluate which insurance option provides better coverage for your specific health requirements, including access to specialists, additional benefits, and prescription medications. 


The decision to work past 65 and choose between company insurance and Medicare is a complex one, influenced by various factors such as coverage, cost, flexibility, and individual health needs. It’s crucial for individuals in this position to thoroughly assess their options and seek guidance from reliable sources to make an informed decision with someone as experienced as Welch Insurance.  

Medicare Education Events:

Would you like to learn about Medicare and your options? We offer Medicare Education Events for Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, and Westminster. To learn more, tap on the Medicare Education Event. This is not a sales event, it is a workshop with dinner to learn about Medicare and your options. We are sure this information will help.