Is there value to offering company dental insurance to employees?


Everyone wants dental insurance it is much cheaper than not having it.

Yes, let’s list the reasons starting with the cost to the company?

  1. The cost to the company can be $0 with optional dental insurance. The company can contribute a percentage of the premium for dental insurance. The average company dollar contribution is $20 to $40 per employee each month depending on plans offered and company contribution.
  2. 70% of employees will want dental insurance.
  3. Dental insurance has an impact on your employee’s overall health and detecting non-related illness and disease.
  4. Why do many employees and dependents not get their teeth cleaned? Cost is a factor. The average cost per cleaning is $130 twice a year.
  5. If you want to attract and keep your employees, even if you are a small company with only 2 or more employees, you need to offer dental insurance.

If you have never looked into company dental insurance or have in the past, but decided against it, we encourage you to look into dental insurance. We can give you many choices that will fit your company’s budget, which include HMO and PPO plans. Call 800-641-3315 or set a phone appointment for a convenient time for our agent to contact you. For more information go to Welch Insurance.